What We Do

March 16, 2023

Are you looking to strike gold? Look no further than Crow Creek Gold Mine! Located in the heart of Alaska, our mine has been providing quality service since 1898. It’s time for you to join us and experience firsthand why thousands have already chosen us as their source for striking it rich!

Our goal is simple: provide exceptional customer service with unbeatable results. We take pride in offering a wide range of services that make it easy for anyone to find success at our mine. Whether you’re an experienced miner or just getting started, we’ve got everything you need to get your hands on some valuable ore. From underground tours and gold panning experiences to educational seminars, we offer something for everyone.

At Crow Creek Gold Mine, we strive not only to meet but also exceed expectations when it comes to delivering the best possible mining experience. Our team is passionate about helping customers achieve their goals and will stop at nothing to ensure that each one leaves satisfied. So come check out what makes us special – visit today and see why so many are calling Crow Creek the ultimate destination for finding gold!

Overview And History

Crow Creek Gold Mine has been a fixture in the Alaskan landscape since 1896. We are proud to offer our guests an opportunity to experience one of the oldest gold mines in Alaska, still operating today. Our mine is located near Girdwood, and offers visitors a unique look into life as it was during the Klondike gold rush era.

Our operation consists of panning for gold from natural gravel beds on Crow Creek, dredging for larger concentrations of gold along the creek bed and its tributaries, and hand-mining ore deposits found within the mountainside. We also provide guided tours of our historic sites that include placer mining operations and original buildings from the early 1900s.

We strive to create a truly unforgettable experience at Crow Creek Gold Mine by providing excellent customer service and educational opportunities about Alaskan history, geology and ecology. During your visit you’ll have access to knowledgeable guides who will teach you all about this fascinating part of Alaska’s past while helping you find some real treasure!

Whether it’s finding flakes or nuggets of pure gold or just doing something fun with family or friends – we guarantee there’s something here for everyone! Come join us for a day filled with adventure and discovery!

Mining Techniques Used

Crow Creek Gold Mine is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality gold mining experience. We use a range of techniques to mine for gold at Crow Creek. Our two primary methods are placer and hard rock mining.

Placer mining utilizes water flow to separate heavier materials from lighter ones through sluicing or panning. The process involves running gravel, sand, and other material through a series of screens that are placed in a stream or riverbed. This method allows us to recover small pieces of gold more quickly than traditional drilling methods.

Hard rock mining requires mechanized equipment such as drills, loaders, and trucks. This technique is used when large amounts of ore must be mined quickly and efficiently. By using this method we can identify larger deposits of gold-bearing rocks which have the potential to yield greater profits over time.

We also employ modern technology such as geophysical imaging systems in order to locate mineral target areas before initiating any type of drilling operations. This helps us maximize efficiency while minimizing costs associated with exploration activities. All these tools enable us provide our customers with an unparalleled gold mining experience here at Crow Creek Gold Mine!

Benefits Of Our Services

Not only do we have one of the largest networks of claims but also an extensive library filled with historical information about each site which helps make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

We strive to ensure everyone has a positive experience at Crow Creek Gold Mine by offering amenities such as lodging for extended trips, transportation between sites, and food options when needed. We also provide educational resources like maps and guides detailing the different techniques used throughout history so that customers can gain insight on how it was done before modern technology came into play.

At Crow Creek Gold Mine, we go above and beyond to make sure our clients have everything they need in order to have a successful trip – whether it’s advice or assistance along the way. We take pride in helping people explore this exciting industry while ensuring their safety and satisfaction every step of the way!