The Entrust Group Review: Scam Risk or Safe to Invest?

June 22, 2023

The Entrust Group is a financial company that has been in business for over 30 years and specializes in self-directed IRAs with over $4 billion in assets.

The company offers Education Savings Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, as well as administrative and custodial services for alternative investments such as real estate and precious metals.

Some customers have had mixed reviews regarding the Entrust Group's services, especially when it comes to gold investments compared to other companies reviewed on the website.

This article aims to provide an objective analysis of whether the Entrust Group is a scam risk or safe to invest by examining its pros and cons, customer reviews, and services offered.

By discussing the company's leadership team, funding options for self-directed IRAs (SDIRA), investment options available for SDIRAs, IRA contribution limits, pricing structure of their services along with customer reviews we will attempt to evaluate if The Entrust Group is worth investing your trust and money into.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.


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The Entrust Group is a prominent financial company specializing in self-directed IRAs with over $4 billion in assets.

The company has been providing tax-based services for more than three decades, offering clients the necessary information on filing taxes, opening tax-advantaged accounts, and administering self-directed tax services.

Through its commitment to helping Americans achieve financial independence in health, education, and retirement, the Entrust Group has become a household name in the investment world.

As part of evaluating the safety of investing with the Entrust Group, it is crucial to understand its services and how they relate to alternative investments such as precious metals and real estate.

Holding a self-directed account allows investors to invest in different types of assets that can increase overall growth potential while protecting wealth against unforeseen economic fluctuations.

With an SDIRA account from the Entrust Group, investors have multiple options to choose from when it comes to investing their funds.

While the Entrust Group offers tailor-made services to clients and has over three decades of financial experience under its belt, there have been mixed reviews about its investor experience.

Some customers have expressed concerns about having to arrange for their own storage options for certain investments like precious metals while others feel that legal and financial advice should be included as part of their fee structure.

It is essential for potential investors to weigh these pros and cons before making any investment decisions with the Entrust Group.

About The Entrust Group

Specializing in self-directed IRAs and offering administrative and custodial services for alternative investments such as real estate and precious metals, The Entrust Group is a financial company that has been in business for over 30 years.

With over $4 billion in assets, the company aims to help Americans achieve financial independence by providing tailored investment options that suit individual needs.

Investors can benefit from The Entrust Group's wide range of investment options, including Education Savings Accounts (ESA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

Investors have access to alternative investments such as precious metals, real estate, private equity, cryptocurrency, art galleries, and retirement homes.

These diverse investment options allow investors to protect their wealth against unforeseen economic fluctuations while maximizing their growth potential.

The Entrust Group operates on a flexible IRA fee schedule with four categories: Account Establishment Fee, Annual Record-keeping Fee, Purchase and Sale of Asset Fees, and Transaction Fees. It charges a yearly fee of $150 which does not cover depository costs.

While some customers have given mixed reviews about the company's services due to the need for arranging storage options independently and lack of legal or financial advice provided by the firm; its nationwide offices are regularly examined by relevant regulatory bodies ensuring compliance with state and federal banking regulations.

As an investor looking for safe alternatives for self-directed IRAs accounts or interested in adding alternative investments like real estate or precious metals to your portfolio without compromising on regulatory compliance.

The Entrust Group could be considered a safe option rather than being labeled as a scam risk.

The Entrust Group Leadership

Hubert Bromma, the founder of The Entrust Group, has played a significant role in the self-directed IRA industry.

With over 30 years of experience in financial services, he possesses extensive knowledge in alternative assets such as real estate investing and private equity investment options.

His expertise also includes mergers and acquisitions and financial institution consulting.

Under Hubert's leadership, The Entrust Group has grown to manage over $4 billion worth of assets and expanded to multiple locations across the United States.

The company stands out for its extensive knowledge in self-directed IRAs and its commitment to offering tailor-made services to clients.

This dedication has positioned the company as one of the leading providers of alternative investment solutions.

The current president of The Entrust Group is Jason Craig, who joined the team after serving as assistant vice president at Greater Bay Bank.

Under his leadership, The Entrust Group continues to provide high-quality administrative and custodial services that enable clients to achieve their retirement goals through investments in alternative assets.

The company's leadership team brings together decades-long experience that makes it a reliable partner for individuals looking to invest in alternative assets through self-directed IRAs.

Services and Pricing

With a highly transparent and flexible fee schedule, The Entrust Group offers a range of self-directed IRA services to help individuals achieve their financial goals through investments in alternative assets.

As mentioned earlier, the company operates on a four-category fee schedule that accounts for account establishment fees, annual record-keeping fees, purchase and sale of asset fees, and transaction fees.

With over $4 billion worth of assets under its management and more than three decades of financial experience, The Entrust Group has established itself as one of the leading providers of self-directed IRAs.

The company's pricing model is relatively straightforward and easy to understand.

Clients are charged an account establishment fee of $50, which covers the cost associated with setting up a new IRA account.

Annual record-keeping fees vary depending on the market value (MV) of your account.

For accounts with MV under $50,000 holding only one asset, the yearly charge is $199; however, clients with two or more assets pay $299 annually plus 0.15% of their MV if it exceeds $50k.

There are purchase and sale asset fees ranging from $0 to $250 based on your investment choices.

While The Entrust Group charges a yearly fee for its services ($150/year), this does not cover depository costs associated with storing precious metals or other physical assets in your IRA portfolio.

The Entrust Group provides competitive pricing for its self-directed IRA offerings while maintaining transparency regarding its fee structure—a factor that should be taken into consideration when reviewing whether or not to invest through the company's platform.

What is a Self-Directed IRA?

A self-directed IRA is a retirement savings account that offers the holder increased control and potential for diversification over traditional investment options.

With this type of account, the holder has the ability to invest in a variety of alternative assets such as LLCs, real estate, and limited partnerships.

This provides an investment opportunity beyond bonds, mutual funds, and stocks typically offered by brokerage firms and banks.

One advantage of holding a self-directed IRA is its potential for growth.

By investing in different types of assets, the holder can increase their overall growth potential and take full control of their financial future.

A self-directed IRA protects against unforeseen economic fluctuations through its ability to invest in alternative assets.

Real estate investors may find self-directed IRAs particularly beneficial since they allow for diverse retirement portfolios that include direct ownership or rental properties.

Other alternative investment options may include precious metals, private equity investments such as hedge funds or startups, art galleries or even retirement homes.

A self-directed IRA offers an attractive option for those seeking increased control over their retirement accounts and greater potential returns through diverse investment opportunities.

4 Steps to Setup an SDIRA

Moving on from the previous subtopic, which explained what a Self-Directed IRA is, let us delve into the steps required to set up one.

The Entrust Group is a self-directed IRA company that offers various investment options such as real estate, precious metals, and private equity.

As you plan to open an SDIRA account with this company or any other self-directed IRA company, it's essential to understand the process involved.

The first step in setting up an SDIRA account is to familiarize yourself with its basics by reading through the rules and options of the account opening process.

This will help you understand what you are getting into before starting your investment journey.

Secondly, identify your preferred investment strategy before settling on opening an SDIRA account because it will determine whether it's a good idea for you.

After understanding these initial steps, select your preferred account type between Self-Directed Roth IRA or Self-Directed Traditional IRA based on your preferences.

Lastly, fund your new SDIRA account by rolling over funds from a 401k plan or transferring money from another custodian who holds your retirement savings.

With these simple steps in place and working with trusted investment partners like The Entrust Group, you can get started on achieving financial independence in health education and retirement through diverse asset investments available through their platform.

Funding Your SDIRA

Funding your Self-Directed IRA account is a crucial step towards achieving financial independence in health, education, and retirement, as it enables you to choose from a variety of investment options such as real estate, precious metals, and private equity.

The Entrust Group is one company that offers administrative and custodial services for alternative investments.

Once you have opened an SDIRA account with the Entrust Group or any other firm that accommodates self-directed accounts, you can fund it through various options such as IRA contributions, rollovers, and transfers.

Regular IRA contributions are a common funding option for SDIRA accounts. However, there are certain requirements that must be met before making these contributions.

For instance, individuals must be below 70 years of age with stable income sources to qualify for regular IRA contributions.

They must abide by IRS contribution limits which vary depending on their age.

While this funding option may seem straightforward for some investors, it is important to ensure compliance with regulations and guidelines set forth by the IRS.

Another funding option available to investors with SDIRA accounts is an IRA rollover.

This involves moving funds from an employer-sponsored plan such as a 401(k) into your new administrator or plan specifically set up for your SDIRA account at the Entrust Group or another similar financial institution.

Meanwhile, if you have an existing retirement plan with another firm but wish to transfer it to your new SDIRA account at the Entrust Group or another similar financial institution where you have already established a self-directed account arrangement then you can opt for an IRA transfer instead of rolling over your funds entirely.

Ensure that all relevant parties involved in any transfer transaction comply with legal requirements associated with transferring funds between institutions while also adhering to state and federal banking regulations governing these activities in order to minimize risk exposure potential scams or frauds that might occur during any part of the process.

Investment Options For Your SDIRA

Now that you have funding for your SDIRA, it is time to explore the different investment options available. The Entrust Group, a financial company specializing in self-directed accounts, offers various investment options outside of traditional investments such as mutual funds and stocks.

These alternatives include real estate, precious metals, private equity, cryptocurrency, and retirement homes.

Real estate investments are a popular choice for those looking to diversify their retirement portfolio. With an SDIRA account from The Entrust Group, investors can invest in mortgage notes and single-family homes.

This allows investors to build their retirement portfolio with a wide range of assets that meet their financial goals.

Another investment option available through The Entrust Group's self-directed accounts is precious metals such as gold, platinum, palladium, and silver.

These metals protect against currency deflation and inflation and have been used as currency for centuries. But, investors must ensure that the IRS specified purity requirements are met before investing in these metals through their SDIRA account.

With multiple investment options available through self-directed accounts at The Entrust Group, investors can choose the investments that align with their financial goals and values.

IRA Contribution Limits

Traditional and Roth IRA contribution limits vary depending on the age of the account holder, with those over 50 allowed to contribute more than those under 50.

For traditional IRA contributions, individuals aged 50 and above can deposit up to $7,000 while those below are required to contribute up to $6,000.

Catch-up contributions for those aged 50 and above are an additional $1,000.

Similarly, Roth contribution limits are similar to Traditional IRA contributions.

It is also important to note that IRA contributions do not apply to rollovers or transfers.

When considering investing in a Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account (SDIRA) through The Entrust Group, it is essential to understand the contribution limits of different types of IRAs.

The company provides custodial services for alternative investments such as real estate and precious metals within SDIRAs but does not offer legal or financial advice.

Therefore investors must ensure they comply with IRS regulations on contribution limits when using their SDIRA accounts.

Knowing the contribution limits for each type of IRA is crucial in maximizing savings towards retirement goals while avoiding penalties from over-contribution.

The Entrust Group allows investors to have multiple investment options in their SDIRA accounts but charges a yearly fee that does not cover depository costs or provide legal/financial advice.

Thus potential investors should consider whether these investment options align with their financial goals before committing funds into an SDIRA account through The Entrust Group.

Client Reviews

This section will focus on client reviews of The Entrust Group. While the company has over $4 billion worth of assets and multiple locations, it has received mixed reviews from its customers.

Positive feedback highlights a smooth and transparent account opening and managing process, while negative reviews mention poor customer service, being overcharged, and receiving little help when raising issues.

It is important to consider both the pros and cons of The Entrust Group before making any investment decisions.


One advantage of The Entrust Group is its extensive financial experience, with over three decades in the industry and over $4 billion worth of assets under management.

This makes it a reputable self-directed IRA company that offers custodial and administrative services for nontraditional assets such as real estate, precious metals, and private equity.

With this level of experience, investors can trust the company to handle their retirement funds professionally.

Another advantage of The Entrust Group is its flexible fee schedule.

The company charges an Account Establishment Fee, Annual Record-keeping Fee, Purchase and Sale of Asset Fees, and Transaction Fees.

This transparent approach allows clients to understand what they are paying for each service they receive from the company.

Clients have access to multiple investment options for their self-directed IRAs like real estate investment or investing in precious metals which provide protection against currency inflation/deflation.

These pros make The Entrust Group a safe choice for investors looking to venture into nontraditional investments through SDIRA accounts.


The need for customers to arrange their own storage options is a significant drawback of The Entrust Group's self-directed IRA services, as it requires additional effort and cost on the part of the customer.

This means that customers would need to spend time researching and selecting a reputable depository to store their alternative assets, such as precious metals or real estate.

They would need to pay for the storage costs separately from The Entrust Group's yearly fee of $150.

These drawbacks include:

  • Frustration: Customers may feel frustrated by the extra burden placed on them to find and pay for storage options.
  • Cost: Additional expenses could be a turn-off for some customers who are looking for an all-in-one solution.
  • Time-consuming: Researching storage options takes time, which may not be feasible or desirable for some clients.
  • Limited options: Since The Entrust Group does not work with depositories, customers' investment choices are restricted to assets that can be physically stored at home or in a safe deposit box.
  • Risky: Storing alternative assets at home or in a safe deposit box comes with its own risks, including theft and damage due to natural disasters.

While The Entrust Group has numerous benefits when it comes to self-directed IRAs, it is important for potential investors to weigh these pros and cons carefully before deciding whether or not The Entrust Group is right for them.


The Entrust Group provides self-directed IRA and investment services for clients looking to diversify their portfolios.

While the company has been in business for over 30 years with a significant amount of assets under management, it is not without its drawbacks.

Some customers have reported mixed experiences and caution should be taken when investing in gold through the company.

The Entrust Group offers a range of services including custodial and administrative support for alternative investments such as real estate and precious metals.

Their pricing structure is transparent, but fees can add up quickly depending on the complexity of your investments.

The company is led by experienced professionals who are well-versed in self-directed IRAs and alternative investments.

While The Entrust Group may not be a scam risk, investors should carefully consider their options before investing with the company. 

With mixed customer reviews and potential pitfalls in certain investment areas, it would be wise to do thorough research before deciding whether or not to entrust your assets with them.

As with any investment, due diligence is key to making informed decisions about your financial future.

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