iTrustCapital Review: Should They Be Your Crypto and Precious Metals IRA Option?

June 24, 2023

As we near the half of another year, many individuals begin to reflect on their financial plans for the upcoming year. 

For some, this means exploring new investment opportunities or seeking ways to diversify their portfolio. One option that has gained popularity in recent years is investing in cryptocurrency and precious metals through an IRA retirement account.

This is where iTrustCapital comes into play - an online platform designed to make cryptocurrency and precious metals trading accessible to non-technical users.

iTrustCapital offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP, as well as physical gold and silver trading options.

The platform employs several layers of security to protect user accounts and insures up to $50 million in assets through Curv.

In this review, we will explore whether iTrustCapital is a suitable option for those looking to incorporate cryptocurrency and precious metals trading into their retirement plans by examining the platform's features, available cryptocurrencies, client support options, advantages and disadvantages, among other factors.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.


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iTrustCapital: A Brief Overview

iTrustCapital provides a user-friendly web interface and compliance with IRS standards for novice investors interested in digital assets such as cryptocurrency and non-traditional assets like precious metals.

The company offers traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and simplified employee pension (SEP) IRAs, along with the eight most popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

This makes iTrustCapital an excellent option for those looking to incorporate crypto investments into their retirement plans.

Novice investors can rest assured that they will have access to a range of investment options without requiring prior knowledge of online investing.

This is because the website was created with non-technical users in mind.

Clients can be confident that their assets are safe and secure through the platform's compliance with many standard practices of financial institutions as well as the most up-to-date encryption software.

iTrustCapital is a great resource for those interested in diversifying their IRA portfolio by incorporating both precious metals and crypto investments.

Cryptocurrency Trading and the iTrustCapital IRA

Cryptocurrency trading in the context of IRA retirement accounts has become increasingly popular due to its potential for tax-deferred growth and inclusion of various digital assets.

iTrustCapital offers a wide range of cryptocurrency options, including Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, and EOS.

Account-holders can also trade physical gold and silver through the platform.

By offering these alternative assets in a retirement portfolio, iTrustCapital allows investors to diversify their holdings beyond traditional stocks and bonds.

One advantage of using an iTrustCapital IRA for cryptocurrency trading is the platform's user-friendly interface. The website was designed with non-technical users in mind and provides live chat and phone support to help investors navigate the world of crypto trading.

In addition to ease-of-use, iTrustCapital employs several layers of security to protect user accounts and insure up to $50 million in assets through Curv.

Fees are clear and straightforward with physical gold purchases at $50 per ounce over spot price and physical silver purchases at $2.50 per ounce above spot.

Incorporating cryptocurrency trading into an IRA retirement account may be a smart move for those interested in diversifying their portfolio beyond traditional investments.

With its variety of cryptocurrency options as well as physical gold and silver trading capabilities, iTrustCapital offers a convenient option for those looking to invest in alternative assets while also taking advantage of potential tax-deferred growth opportunities.

Precious Metals Trading at iTrustCapital

Investors who are interested in diversifying their portfolios beyond traditional investments may find that incorporating physical gold and silver into their retirement accounts is a viable option.

Precious metals have long been considered a safe haven for wealth preservation due to their ability to retain value over time, making them an attractive investment choice for those who want to protect their savings from economic uncertainties.

iTrustCapital recognizes this demand and offers precious metals trading as part of its investment options. iTrustCapital's VaultChainTM holders can access a portion of the Royal Canadian Mint's vaults that are dedicated to holding gold and silver, which they can use to buy metals from iTrustCapital.

Customers can buy or sell their metals at any time with full access to their holdings' titles, and they can also request physical delivery.

The government of Canada's Crown Corporation maintains and monitors the highly secure vault, subjected to annual government audits and daily real-time reconciliations of its contents.

The Tradewind Platform ensures safe and convenient trading for customers.

While iTrustCapital is primarily known for its crypto-based IRA retirement accounts, it also offers options for investors looking to incorporate precious metals into their portfolios.

By offering both cryptocurrency assets and physical gold/silver trading within IRAs, iTrustCapital allows investors more flexibility in diversifying their retirement accounts beyond traditional assets such as stocks and bonds.

With clear fees and straightforward financing options using USD funds only, iTrustCapital provides a user-friendly platform for investors looking to explore both crypto assets and precious metals in one central location.

Is iTrustCapital Insured?

Given the high value of commodities traded on iTrustCapital, it is reasonable for potential clients to have concerns about insurance coverage.

Fortunately, iTrustCapital has taken measures to ensure the safety of their clients' assets.

Curv, a PayPal holding, provides insurance coverage for up to $50 million in assets held by iTrustCapital accounts.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) offers protection for funds held in cash.

Clients who are considering using iTrustCapital's crypto IRA or precious metals IRA options can rest assured that their investments are protected by an insurance policy.

This may provide a sense of security and peace of mind when investing large sums of money into cryptocurrencies or precious metals.

Knowing that their investments are insured against loss due to theft or other unforeseen circumstances can help investors make more informed decisions about their retirement planning.

It is important to note that while insurance coverage does offer some protection for investors' assets, there is always risk involved with investing in volatile markets like cryptocurrency and precious metals.

With proper due diligence and research into the various options available through iTrustCapital, clients can make informed decisions about which investment opportunities are right for them.

Ultimately, whether or not iTrustCapital should be your crypto and precious metals IRA option depends on your individual financial goals and risk tolerance.

How Do I Protect My Assets?

To protect assets when investing in volatile markets, it is important to implement reliable security measures and insurance policies.

iTrustCapital recognizes this need and has taken various steps to safeguard its clients' crypto IRA and precious metals investments.

In addition to industry-standard multi-level authentication features, iTrustCapital employs Curv's security technology, which insures up to $50 million in assets.

iTrustCapital also offers cold storage solutions for its clients' cryptocurrency holdings.

Cold storage refers to storing cryptocurrencies offline, away from internet connectivity or other potential vulnerabilities.

By doing so, it reduces the likelihood of theft or unauthorized access by hackers. This feature provides additional protection to client assets while maintaining their accessibility.

ITrustCapital offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee by refunding all management fees if a client is not satisfied with its services within the first 30 days of opening an account.

This policy demonstrates the platform's commitment to providing quality service and safeguarding retirement savings for its clients.

iTrustCapital's comprehensive security measures and insurance policies make it a reliable option for those looking to incorporate cryptocurrency trading into their retirement plans while ensuring asset protection.

Tax Benefits of an iTrustCapital IRA

The tax benefits of a cryptocurrency-based IRA offered by iTrustCapital are significant, with tax-deferred growth potential and the option to open a traditional or Roth IRA account.

This means that investors can grow their portfolio without being taxed until they withdraw their funds.

It is important to note that contribution limits for these accounts are the same as traditional IRAs, which is currently set at $6,000 per year for individuals under 50 years old and $7,000 for those over 50.

Investors interested in alternative investments such as precious metals can also benefit from iTrustCapital's precious metal IRAs.

Similar to crypto-based IRAs, precious metal IRAs offer tax advantages and allow investors to diversify their portfolios.

It is important to seek investment advice before making any decisions regarding opening an IRA account.

ITrustCapital offers investors a unique opportunity to incorporate cryptocurrencies and precious metals into their retirement plans through tax-advantaged retirement accounts.

With the potential for significant returns on investment over the long term and clear fee structures, iTrustCapital may be an attractive option for those looking to diversify their investment portfolio.

As with any investment decision, seeking professional advice can help ensure that investors make informed choices about their financial futures.

The Available Cryptocurrencies

This section will discuss the available cryptocurrencies on iTrustCapital's platform. iTrustCapital offers a diverse selection of eight popular cryptocurrencies that have demonstrated stability and value over time. These include:

  • Bitcoin
  • XRP
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Polkadot
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Stellar
  • EOS.

iTrustCapital Fees

Fees at iTrustCapital are transparent and competitive, with only a 1% fee on crypto-currency trades, a monthly subscription of $29.95, and additional fees for physical gold and silver purchases.

Compared to its rivals in the industry, iTrustCapital's fees are relatively low, making it an attractive option for individuals who want to incorporate crypto investments into their IRA accounts.

The platform offers traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and SEP IRAs that allow tax-deferred growth.

iTrustCapital stands out from other IRA providers because of its focus on cryptocurrency trading.

The platform provides clients with access to eight popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, Stellar, Polkadot among others.

Investors can purchase physical gold or silver through the platform by paying additional fees for each ounce above spot value.

Overall iTrustCapital is an excellent option for individuals who want to invest in cryptocurrencies or precious metals while also taking advantage of potential tax benefits offered by IRA accounts.

Support for Clients

Clients of iTrustCapital can rely on their efficient customer service, which includes technical support via phone and chat 24/7, as well as email or phone call assistance for non-account holders who wish to ask questions before opening an account.

The investment firm is well-known for its trustworthiness, and they understand that customer service is an essential part of any investment platform.

As such, iTrustCapital ensures that its clients receive prompt and reliable support whenever they need it.

The company's commitment to providing excellent customer service extends beyond just technical support. They also have a team of experts who are available to help clients navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency trading and investing in precious metals.

This team can help answer any questions that clients may have about the various assets offered on the platform and provide guidance on how best to manage their portfolios.

iTrustCapital's dedication to providing exceptional customer service sets them apart from other investment firms.

Their 24/7 availability for technical support and expert guidance make them a good option for those looking to incorporate crypto or precious metals into their retirement plans.

With clear fee structures and a wide range of asset options available, iTrustCapital is worth considering when deciding where to invest your retirement savings.

iTrustCapital IRA Frequently Asked Questions

This section will address some of the most commonly asked questions about iTrustCapital's IRA services.

One important question is whether iTrustCapital provides investment advice to its clients.

Another frequently asked question concerns the transfer of current IRA assets to a new account with iTrustCapital.

Clients may also be curious about where their precious metals are held and whether there are any minimum or maximum investment amounts.

It's essential to know if there is a time limit for withdrawing funds from an iTrustCapital IRA account.

By exploring these topics, potential investors can gain a better understanding of what iTrustCapital offers and how it can benefit them in their retirement planning.

What Investment Advice Does iTrustCapital Provide?

In terms of investment advice, iTrustCapital does not provide guidance from financial advisors.

But, they do offer a comprehensive knowledge base that contains valuable information to assist clients in maximizing their IRA investments in cryptocurrencies and precious metals.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly and provides basic price tracking charts for various assets to help investors stay informed about market trends and fluctuations.

iTrustCapital's main focus is on facilitating cryptocurrency transactions within retirement funds, which can be a complex process.

As a result, the website includes detailed information on how to safely invest in digital assets while minimizing risk.

The platform offers tax-deferred growth opportunities for traditional IRAs and allows account-holders to open Roth IRA accounts as well.

iTrustCapital is an excellent option for those interested in incorporating crypto and precious metals into their retirement portfolios but prefer to manage their investments independently without seeking professional investment advice from financial advisors.

Is it possible to transfer my current IRA assets to a new one?

Regarding investment advice, iTrustCapital offers a wide range of crypto-based IRA retirement accounts, including traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and simplified employee pension (SEP) IRAs.

The platform provides access to the most popular cryptocurrencies and physical gold and silver trading. Tax-deferred growth is possible in iTrustCapital IRAs, making them an attractive option for those interested in incorporating cryptocurrency or precious metals into their retirement plans.

iTrustCapital employs several layers of security to protect user accounts and insures up to $50 million in assets.

When considering transferring current IRA assets to a new one with iTrustCapital, it's crucial to keep in mind that there may be more restrictions on how and whether this can be done if your current IRA is provided by an employer retirement plan.

It's recommended that individuals speak with the person responsible for administering their retirement plan before attempting any transfer.

It's also essential to note that existing crypto holdings cannot be transferred directly into a crypto IRA due to the IRS's view of cryptocurrency as property rather than money.

Individuals must first sell their existing holdings and use USD funds to purchase new crypto through iTrustCapital for their IRA account.

Where are my precious metals held?

The location of where the precious metals purchased through iTrustCapital are held is an important consideration for those interested in investing in physical assets for their retirement plans.

iTrustCapital partners with the Royal Canadian Mint, which is owned by the Canadian government and has a reputation for being one of the most secure storage facilities in the world.

This partnership ensures that users' precious metals are stored in a highly secure facility that offers state-of-the-art security measures such as advanced surveillance systems, armed guards, and restricted access to authorized personnel only.

iTrustCapital stores its clients' precious metals offline to prevent hacking attempts targeting online storage.

Offline storage provides an additional layer of security since it eliminates any potential vulnerabilities found in online storage methods.

Investors can feel confident knowing that their precious metals holdings are stored securely and protected against theft or tampering by using trusted partners like the Royal Canadian Mint and utilizing offline storage methods.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of money that can be invested?

Investors have the flexibility to invest any amount they desire into their Individual Retirement Account (IRA), regardless of whether they choose iTrustCapital or another IRA provider.

It's worth noting, however, that those who fund their IRA with after-tax dollars may face some limitations on how much they can contribute each year.

This is due to IRS regulations regarding contribution limits for different types of IRAs.

When it comes to iTrustCapital specifically, there is a minimum investment requirement of $2,500 to get started with an account.

This down payment allows investors to begin trading cryptocurrencies and precious metals within their IRA.

There is no maximum investment limit, which means that individuals can continue investing as much as they want in their account over time.

iTrustCapital offers a range of investment options for those interested in incorporating crypto and precious metals into their retirement plans, while also providing flexibility when it comes to how much investors can contribute.

Is There a Time Limit for Taking My IRA Money Out?

Withdrawals from an IRA can only be made without penalty once the account holder reaches the age of 59 1/2, thereby imposing a time limit on accessing IRA funds.

This rule is meant to encourage individuals to save for their retirement years and avoid early withdrawals that could impact their future financial stability.

There are certain circumstances where individuals may withdraw their IRA money before reaching retirement age without facing penalties, such as disability or death.

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrency and precious metals through an iTrustCapital IRA, the same time limit applies.

Account holders must wait until they reach the age of 59 1/2 to withdraw funds without penalty.

It's important for investors to carefully consider their investment options and long-term financial goals when choosing a retirement account provider like iTrustCapital.

While there may be limitations on accessing funds prior to retirement age, the potential tax benefits and diversification opportunities offered by crypto-based IRAs can make them an attractive option for those looking to incorporate alternative investments into their retirement portfolio.

Do you know how long it takes to open and fund an Individual Retirement Account?

Establishing and funding an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) with iTrustCapital can take varying amounts of time depending on the chosen funding method.

Direct contributions to iTrustCapital accounts usually take one week, while IRA transfers may take one to two weeks, and employer plan rollovers can take three to four weeks.

It is important to note that these timelines are not set in stone and may vary based on factors such as the customer's bank processing times or any additional requirements from the financial institution.

In addition, it is essential to consider iTrustCapital's minimum investment requirements when opening an IRA account.

The platform has a minimum initial deposit of $2,500 for most accounts and a minimum subsequent investment of $1,000 for each trade.

There are no annual account fees or maintenance fees charged by iTrustCapital.

The platform also offers excellent customer service through live chat and phone support services to help clients navigate the process of setting up their accounts.

Advantages and Disadvantages

When considering iTrustCapital as a potential crypto and precious metals IRA option, it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the platform's limited selection of cryptocurrencies and precious metal investments.

While iTrustCapital offers the eight most popular cryptocurrencies, some investors may seek other investment options that are not available on this platform.

There is little variety in precious metal investments with only physical gold and silver trading options.

Advantages of iTrustCapital include no setup or storage fees, low transaction fees, quick execution of orders, and an easy-to-use platform.

The company employs several layers of security to protect user accounts, ensuring that assets are safe and secure. New users can receive assistance in creating their accounts.

These benefits make iTrustCapital a great resource for incorporating cryptocurrency trading into retirement plans.

Some disadvantages should also be considered when selecting iTrustCapital as a crypto and precious metals IRA option.

With such a limited selection of cryptocurrencies available for investment, some users may feel restricted in their investment choices. Those seeking more variety in their precious metal investments will need to look elsewhere.

Despite these limitations, iTrustCapital remains an attractive option for those looking to incorporate cryptocurrency trading into their retirement plans due to its user-friendly platform and low fees.


After reviewing iTrustCapital, it is clear that this platform offers a unique and accessible way for individuals to invest in both cryptocurrency and precious metals through their IRA retirement accounts.

The platform employs several layers of security and provides insurance up to $50 million in assets through Curv.

With support for multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP, as well as physical gold and silver trading options, iTrustCapital offers a diverse range of investment opportunities.

It is important to note that investing in cryptocurrency can be volatile and risky.

While iTrustCapital takes measures to protect user accounts, investors must also take responsibility for protecting their own assets.

While the platform offers support for clients through phone and email channels, some users may prefer more robust customer service options.

iTrustCapital may not be the best fit for everyone looking to incorporate cryptocurrency or precious metals into their retirement plans, it is a reliable option for those who are willing to take on the risks associated with these investments.

As always with any financial decision, it is important to do thorough research and consult with a financial advisor before making any major investment decisions.

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