Goldmoney Review: Can You Trust Them?

June 25, 2023

Goldmoney is an investment firm that provides wealth management and precious metals trading services to investors worldwide.

With its headquarters in Toronto, Canada, the company has been operating since 2001 and was acquired by BitGold in 2015.

Goldmoney's unique approach to digital payments through gold has made it stand out among other investment platforms.

This article aims to review Goldmoney's services and assess whether it is a trustworthy investment platform for potential investors.

We will take a closer look at Goldmoney's management, products and services, online security standards, fees, customer reviews and more.

By providing an objective analysis of Goldmoney's strengths and weaknesses as an investment platform, this article will help readers make informed decisions about whether or not they can trust Goldmoney with their investments.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.


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About Goldmoney

Goldmoney, a Toronto-based investment firm founded in 2001, offers clients online access to secure and insured precious metal investments stored in vaults.

The company provides easy access to buy, sell and vault various precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Goldmoney Holding gives investors transparency and affordability with regards to their investments.

Clients' holdings are fully allocated and registered in their name for added security.

Regular independent audits ensure the accuracy of client holdings, making it easier for clients to trust the platform.

Reviews on Trustpilot show a 2.4-star rating out of 5 indicating that there have been mixed experiences with the platform regarding trust issues and poor customer support.

It is advisable that new clients approach Goldmoney with caution due to these concerns.

The fees for buying, selling exchanging or storing precious metals vary but can be accessed on their website.

Gold investments are generally considered safe from inflationary pressures due to gold's stability over time, making them a good long-term investment solution.

Storage fees tend to be high which may deter potential investors who are cost-sensitive.

Goldmoney has its advantages such as exceptional investment solutions fee transparency as well as personalized investment solutions but also has its downsides such as extremely high monthly fees and a sophisticated refund process which may make it difficult for some investors to trust the platform completely.

Goldmoney Management

The leadership team at Goldmoney has a wealth of experience and expertise in the investment field, making their management structure seem trustworthy and competent on paper.

The founder, Roy Sebag, serves as the chief executive officer and one of the top directors of the firm. He is joined by co-founder James Turk, who retired in 2013 but remains an influential lead director. Other notable members of the board include Mahendra Naik (CPA), Stefan Wieler, and Andres Finkielsztain.

It is important to note that while Goldmoney's management team seems competent based on their credentials alone, negative reviews from customers must also be taken into consideration when evaluating their trustworthiness as an investment firm.

Products and Services

Investors have access to a range of investment products and services through Goldmoney.

The company offers clients the ability to buy, sell, or vault precious metals online, which makes investing in these commodities much easier.

They provide customized pension products that allow investors to protect their wealth for the long haul.

Goldmoney also provides investment options such as IRA, SIPP, and TFSA.

These are ideal for individuals who are looking for secure investment opportunities that can help them grow their wealth over time.

However, despite offering various investment options and products, customers should consider certain factors before choosing Goldmoney as their preferred investment firm.

For instance, reviews on Trustpilot indicate a mixed experience for clients with a 2.4-star rating out of 5. While Goldmoney has an A rating on BBB (Better Business Bureau), it is not BBB-accredited.

Complaints on BBB and Trustpilot cite high fees, trust issues, and poor customer support among other things.

It is therefore important for potential customers to do due diligence before investing with Goldmoney by carefully reviewing its services and policies to ensure that they align with their investment goals while taking note of the possible risks involved in investing through this platform.

Goldmoney Insights

Regular investor updates are highly valued by Goldmoney, as evidenced by the vast array of insights available on their website.

These updates provide investors with timely and relevant information about market trends, investment opportunities, and risk factors that may affect their portfolios.

The insights cover a wide range of topics related to precious metals, wealth management, and global economics. The Goldmoney Insights page features articles written by industry experts who provide in-depth analysis and commentary on various investment-related topics.

Some of the recent articles include 'Why Physical Gold is Still Relevant Today,''How to Build a Robust Precious Metals Portfolio,'and 'The Business Model of Goldmoney Holding.'

These articles offer valuable insights into the world of precious metals investing and help investors make informed decisions about their investments.

Goldmoney's commitment to providing regular investor updates reflects its focus on transparency and trust. By keeping its clients well-informed about market trends, risks, and opportunities, Goldmoney helps them make more informed investment decisions.

While some customer experiences have been mixed due to high fees or other issues, the company's emphasis on physical gold holdings backed by insured vaults adds an extra layer of security for investors seeking exposure to this asset class.


Accessing the Goldmoney Library provides a wealth of knowledge for investors seeking to level up their investment game plan with deep-rooted industry insights from cutting-edge publications and research papers.

The library offers an extensive variety of forward-looking material that can be digested by investors to become more informed and dynamic precious metal investors.

Depending on one's investment interests, there is in-depth knowledge base material available that can help improve investment decisions.

The Goldmoney Library covers a wide range of topics related to gold and precious metals, including the Science of Gold and Precious Metals, Gibson's Paradox, and Mises' battle against monetary socialism.

There are also articles that take a detailed look at Bank of England gold and examine the Aboveground Gold Stock. And, there is information about how gold is impacted by technological advancements such as the internet.

Investors considering using Goldmoney should consult the library to gain insight into the company's operations and its approach to managing physical metal holdings.

While customer experiences with Goldmoney have been mixed, exploring the library can help potential clients make more informed decisions about whether or not they trust the company.

Safety & Transparency

Moving on from the Goldmoney Library, it is important to address one of the most crucial concerns for any investor: safety and transparency.

As a publicly-traded financial technology firm, Goldmoney has invested heavily in measures to ensure that their clients' investments are secure and transparent throughout their investment journey.

Goldmoney employs a range of safeguards to guarantee client safety and transparency.

For instance, they offer counterparty risk protection which covers clients from brokerage or bank insolvency risks. Clients enjoy 100% metal ownership (fully-reserved), which gives them full privilege as the absolute owner of their precious metals. 

The precious metals holdings are stored in secure vaults located in different parts of the world and are fully insured against loss or damage.

All holdings are fully allocated and registered under each client's name for added security, meaning that Goldmoney cannot lay claim on them.

Regular independent audits of client holdings ensure accuracy while top-grade online security standards protect against cyber threats.

These measures provide clients with peace of mind as they invest in precious metals through Goldmoney's platform with ease and confidence in its safety and transparency standards.

Goldmoney Fees

Regarding fees, investors must be aware of the costs associated with investing in precious metals through Goldmoney. The firm charges buying and selling fees, as well as monthly storage fees that vary according to metal type.

While the account funding fee is free, clients are charged an account withdrawal fee that is applied to bank accounts.

Customers should also note that there are other fees involved, such as exchange fees for precious metals and a vault exchange fee.

There is a physical possession fee applicable only to owners of at least 1kg of gold/1,000 ounces of silver. Clients can expect free physical delivery of bars and coins.

Reviews on Trustpilot show mixed experiences for customers regarding Goldmoney's fees.

Investors should weigh their options carefully before investing in Goldmoney due to its high monthly storage fees and sophisticated refund process.

While the firm offers exceptional investment solutions and personalized investment options, complaints on BBB and Trustpilot cite trust issues and poor customer support as downsides to using Goldmoney.

It may be wise for new clients or investors to approach Goldmoney with caution or explore better alternatives for precious metal investments with lower fees.

Information for New Clients

For new investors, understanding the basics of precious metal investment with a firm like Goldmoney can provide a strong foundation for achieving economic security and consistent wealth growth.

Precious metals such as gold have retained their value over centuries and are a reliable way to protect purchasing power against inflation and financial uncertainty.

Goldmoney is an investment firm that offers online access to secure, insured vaults where clients can buy, sell, or hold precious metals.

Before investing with Goldmoney, it is crucial to consider customer experiences and reviews. Reviews on Trustpilot show mixed experiences from clients, citing high fees and trust issues. While Goldmoney has an A rating on BBB, they are not BBB-accredited. 

It is important to approach Goldmoney with caution as a new client or investor, considering the downsides of extremely high monthly fees and a sophisticated refund process.

To mitigate risks associated with investing in precious metals through firms like Goldmoney, it is advisable to seek guidance from trusted sources such as top gold and precious metals companies' recommendations or free gold investment guides available online.

These resources offer invaluable information that will help new clients make informed decisions about their investments while minimizing risk exposure.

Goldmoney Reviews

While Goldmoney's claims of being a dependable investment firm may sound appealing, the reviews and ratings from different quarters paint a mixed picture.

While some clients have had positive experiences with Goldmoney, others have expressed concerns about the company's trustworthiness.

The negative reviews often cite exorbitant fees, trust issues, and poor customer support as reasons for their dissatisfaction.

To gain a deeper understanding of Goldmoney's reputation among its customers, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Reviews on Trustpilot show that Goldmoney has an average rating of 2.4 stars out of 5.
  • Complaints on BBB indicate that some customers have experienced issues with high fees and poor customer support.
  • While Goldmoney has attained an A rating in BBB, it is not BBB-accredited.
  • Some clients have raised concerns about the security of their investments held in secure vaults.

Investors considering working with Goldmoney should do so with caution and thoroughly research the company before making any financial commitments.

While there are many positives associated with investing in precious metals through this platform, potential drawbacks must be carefully evaluated to determine if this is the right investment opportunity for you.

Pros and Cons

Investors must carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of investing in Goldmoney's precious metals offerings before making any financial commitments.

While there are certain positive aspects associated with investing in Goldmoney, such as exceptional investment solutions and a secure platform, there are also some significant downsides to consider.

One of the major drawbacks of Goldmoney is the extremely high monthly fees associated with their services. The refund process for clients can be highly sophisticated and difficult to navigate.

Despite these negative aspects of Goldmoney's service, there are some positives that investors may find attractive.

For example, investors have the ability to obtain physical possession of precious metal bullion bars and coins at various vault locations around the world.

This added level of control over one's investments can provide an added sense of security for many customers.

While there may be mixed customer experiences when it comes to using Goldmoney's services – as evidenced by reviews on sites like Trustpilot – there are also positive reviews from satisfied customers who have had success using Goldmoney for their investments.

Whether or not an investor chooses to trust Goldmoney will depend on a variety of factors unique to their individual situation.

It is important for investors to carefully evaluate all aspects of Goldmoney's services before deciding whether or not they are a good fit for their investment needs.

While there are certainly some benefits associated with investing in precious metals through Goldmoney, potential customers should be aware of the downsides as well so that they can make an informed decision about whether or not this particular investment option is right for them.


Goldmoney, founded in 2001 and headquartered in Toronto, offers investment opportunities in precious metals and wealth management. 

The company was acquired by BitGold in 2015, which allows for digital payments through gold while ensuring the security of investors' savings.

Goldmoney's website provides a variety of resources for clients to learn more about investing, including its 'Insights'section and library.

When it comes to fees, Goldmoney charges a storage fee based on the weight of the precious metal held by clients.

There are transaction fees associated with buying and selling precious metals. These fees vary depending on the method of payment used.

Customer reviews suggest that Goldmoney is a reliable investment platform with good customer service. One interesting statistic is that according to a survey conducted by Statista in 2021, 38% of respondents stated they would consider investing in gold as a form of long-term financial planning.

This shows that there is potential for interest in platforms like Goldmoney among those looking to invest in precious metals.

Goldmoney appears to be a trustworthy investment platform offering valuable resources for clients looking to invest in precious metals and manage their wealth.

While there are fees associated with using the platform, customer reviews suggest that the benefits outweigh these costs.

With an increasing percentage of individuals considering gold as a long-term investment option, platforms like Goldmoney may become increasingly popular among investors seeking alternative forms of financial planning.

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