American Hartford Gold Review

American Hartford Gold is one of the leading gold IRA companies in the United States. It has been providing customers with quality precious metal investments since 2016 and continues to provide excellent service today.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at what American Hartford Gold offers, so you can decide if it's right for your retirement needs.

American Hartford Gold is well-known for its customer service and commitment to helping clients achieve their financial goals. They offer an array of services ranging from traditional IRA rollover accounts to self-directed IRAs that allow you to invest in physical metals like gold and silver.

Plus, they have competitive fees and no hidden charges or commissions on transactions.

Before we get started, investing your savings is a serious task. When it comes to adding precious metals to your portfolio, how do you know which companies to trust?

That is why we have researched every company in the industry and selected the very few with the highest customer service standards.

This way you can easily compare the best companies in the business, and choose one that fits your needs and investment goals.


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About American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold Group is a renowned precious metals IRA retailer, located in Los Angeles. They offer an array of competitive IRA investment plans and purchases including physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The company has extensive experience working with families who want to protect their assets and help clients benefit from any market movement.

The website design is simple and the pricing offered by American Hartford Gold is highly competitive which makes it a good option for those seeking to invest in precious metals.

Their customer service is top-notch; they are A+ rated Better Business Bureau accredited business with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Additionally, their swift processing time ensures that you and your investments are well taken care of.

At American Hartford Gold Group, customers can enjoy ultimate safety, privacy and convenience no matter what happens to the economy.

With knowledgeable industry professionals ready to assist at every step of the way, this fast-growing private company promises excellent value for money invested by its customers.

American Hartford Gold Products

If you're looking for a way to protect your investments and ensure their long-term growth, American Hartford Gold is the perfect choice. With an array of products and services designed to help investors diversify their portfolios, this company has something for everyone.

Here are just some of the amazing offerings from American Hartford Gold:

  • Self-Directed Precious Metal IRAs – This type of retirement account allows you to control which metals are included in your portfolio while still enjoying tax benefits.

  • Direct Purchases of Precious Metals – Choose from bullion, coins and bars with no storage fees or markups. An ideal option if you want immediate access to physical assets without having to worry about brokerage costs or taxes.

  • Secure Storage Solutions – Protect your valuable metals with secure vaulting solutions that meet all industry standards for safety and security.

  • Professional Customer Service – Get expert advice on building a portfolio that meets your specific needs from experienced professionals who have been helping clients since 1977.

No matter what kind of investor you are—beginner, seasoned professional, or somewhere in between—American Hartford Gold can provide you with everything you need to make informed investment decisions.

From top quality products to expert customer service, they’ve got it all covered so that you can rest easy knowing your precious metal investments are safe and sound.

What is a Gold IRA?

Basically, it's an individual retirement account that allows investors to purchase and hold physical gold and silver as part of their overall investment portfolio.

The benefits are twofold: tax deferment on income earned within the account, plus added protection against inflation due to the intrinsic value of precious metals. In other words, when stocks decline in value, gold often rises in price – making it a great way to diversify your holdings and protect yourself from volatility in the markets with companies like Goldco, Augusta, and Red Rock.

American Hartford Gold provides all the necessary tools required to set up and manage your own self-directed gold IRA. From guidance on selecting qualified custodians to setting up direct debits for contributions, American Hartford makes investing in a gold IRA easy and convenient so you can have peace of mind knowing your nest egg is secure.

Why Invest in a Gold IRA?

The fear of an uncertain future can be overwhelming, but there is a way to protect yourself and your family from economic downfalls: the American Hartford Gold IRA.

Investing in gold provides stability that other assets cannot during times of crisis – it retains its value, increases over time, and protects against inflation.

Gold has been used as a safe haven for investors since ancient times, which makes it the perfect asset to place into a retirement account.

Not only does gold provide security when stocks plummet or currencies devalue, but with its steady growth rate, gold will help you reach your investment goals faster.

With a Gold IRA, you are making sure that whatever life throws at you now or in years to come won’t take away what you have worked hard to secure.

Don’t let uncertainty dictate your financial situation; make sure you are prepared by investing in a solid option like gold.

How to Invest in a Gold IRA With American Hartford

Starting the process is quick and painless as well. A dedicated precious metals specialist from AHG will guide you through every step of the process. From discussing which metals would be best for your portfolio to making sure that all paperwork has been filed correctly, they provide best-in-class customer service and make sure you’re satisfied throughout the whole experience.

The three steps involved are: talking to a specialist about which metal would suit your needs; funding the account; then purchasing your precious metals.

Once these have been completed, your gold will begin working for you! The security offered by investing in gold provides peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve taken steps to protect yourself against inflation and economic downturns down the road.

Gold Coins

American Hartford Gold offers a variety of gold coins to its customers. From the popular American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf Royal, to more unique coins like South African Krugerrand or 2014 Canadian Arctic Fox, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Customers looking for proof sets will find an abundance of options as well, such as Pre-64 Circulated Coins, 5 Oz America The Beautiful, and Mercury Dimes.

For those who prefer larger denominations, American Hartford Gold also has 100 Oz Gold Bars and Silver 10 Oz Bar available. Valcambi Combibar and Morgan Dollar can make great additions to any collection.

For collectors interested in half dollars, a variety of circulated halves are offered from different years.

No matter what type of coin you may be searching for, American Hartford Gold has it all! With so many choices available at competitive prices, you won't have to look anywhere else for your perfect piece.


Setting up a payment plan is free of charge, and there's an annual custodian fee of only $180 for the storage and upkeep of your account.

That means you can start growing your portfolio with just 100 dollars per month if desired. The minimum investment at American Hartford Gold is 2,500 dollars at once or gradually over time.

To maintain an account, however, you must keep a minimum balance of 10,000 dollars in it which isn’t difficult to achieve considering that even small monthly payments will add up quickly.

This makes American Hartford Gold an ideal choice for individuals looking to invest in quality precious metals without having to break the bank.

The low entry costs make it easy to get started while still providing access to high-quality investments that can be easily stored and protected by their secure services.

Commitment to Clients

At American Hartford Gold, we believe in putting our clients first. That's why we have an upfront and transparent pricing model without any hidden fees. We understand that clients need to know where their money is going and what they are getting for it.

To ensure the success of all clients, AHG is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support. Our knowledgeable staff of precious metal specialists can answer questions regarding market insights during monthly conference calls or when you call us directly.

To make transactions easier and more secure, we also offer free shipping and handling on purchases within the United States along with insurance coverage for your investment protection:

  • Free Shipping & Handling
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Buyback Commitment

We take pride in offering a personalized experience by taking into account each client’s individual needs while keeping all information confidential. At AHG, we provide multiple avenues of communication and the tools needed to make informed financial decisions so you can feel confident about investing with us.

Benefits of Precious Metals Investing

Investing in precious metals can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and protect yourself from market volatility. There are numerous benefits of investing in gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals that should not be overlooked.

The first major benefit is their stability. Precious metals have long been viewed as reliable investments due to their limited supply and immune nature to inflationary pressures.

These assets retain their value no matter the current state of the economy — they act as an insurance policy against devaluation or instability of currencies like the US dollar. As such, they provide an excellent hedge against inflation and currency depreciation.

Another advantage of investing in physical precious metals is privacy. Investing in these tangible assets gives you peace-of-mind knowing that your investment is anonymous, safe and private compared to other options with more public information available about them.

Additionally, liquidity potential for these types of investments tends to be much higher than stocks or bonds; they can easily be sold for cash at any time depending on the current market price.

Adding gold or silver into your portfolio provides valuable diversification which helps reduce overall risk during economic downturns while increasing potential returns over longer periods of time. Adding this asset class can help balance portfolios and further ensure protection against unexpected losses elsewhere.

Will Government Debt Destroy Retirement Savings?

The idea of investing in precious metals has become increasingly popular as a way to protect one’s wealth from the uncertain future of our federal government. Precious metals provide a tangible form of value that can't be taken away by irresponsible budgeting and debt-accumulation.

But many people remain concerned about whether or not their retirement savings are still safe with such a shaky financial foundation. It's true that there is no guarantee when it comes to any kind of investment, including those backed by physical assets like gold or silver.

The key is finding a balance between mitigating risk and taking advantage of potential growth opportunities. Investing too heavily in any single asset class could lead to an unpleasant surprise if the market turns against you, so diversifying your portfolio is crucial for managing risks effectively.

At the end of the day, accumulating enough savings to retire comfortably requires careful planning and dedication – regardless of what happens in Washington DC. With proper preparation, research, and advice from trusted professionals, you can ensure that your hard earned money won't go up in smoke during tumultuous times.

Frequently Asked Questions

The American Hartford Gold Group is a reliable provider of gold IRAs and other precious metal investments. They offer high-quality customer service, free shipping on metals to their secure vaults, and competitive depository storage fees.

Their experts are available to answer any questions you may have about investing in precious metals, as well as helping with the paperwork involved in transferring funds from another retirement account into your new gold IRA.

Tracking the performance of your gold IRA is simple; they update their reviews every three months so that investors can stay informed about the current value of their investment portfolios. Additionally, statements are provided each quarter which includes relevant information such as fees or other metrics related to the performance of your gold IRA.

Investing in a gold IRA through American Hartford Gold Group is easy and secure, providing customers with all the necessary tools for successful long-term growth. With competitive rates and access to expert advice, it’s no wonder why this group has established itself as one of the top providers in the industry.

Is American Hartford Gold A Scam?

No, American Hartford Gold is not a scam. They have an excellent customer service team and offer some of the best pricing and quality in the industry when it comes to precious metals investments. Their products include silver, gold, as well as coins from the United States Mint.

This company was created with its customers' safety and security in mind; their goal is to protect retirement portfolios during any economic downturns that may occur. American Hartford Gold Group has grown rapidly since its founding due to its commitment to excellence in both product offerings and customer service.

The team takes pride in offering their customers helpful advice while also delivering top-notch services at competitive prices. In addition, they are dedicated to providing up-to-date information on current market trends so that clients can accurately plan out their investment strategy accordingly.

The company's website provides clear details about how each product works, making it easy for investors to choose which option best suits them without needing assistance or guidance from a financial advisor. The site is also regularly updated with new offers and promotions to help clients get more bang for their buck when investing in these types of commodities.

All this makes American Hartford Gold a great choice for those looking to secure their future by investing in precious metals.

American Hartford Gold Real Customer Reviews

Customers of American Hartford Gold have nothing but good things to say about their experience. From the ease and expertise provided by agents, to the top-rated financial strength of the company, customers are happy with their investment decisions. The reviews show that they understand what products they are investing in and feel comfortable making those investments.

The customer service is a resounding hit; many praised it for its friendliness and patience while helping them make an informed decision. One customer said Nathan was “AAAA rated” in his book because he educated him on the process instead of trying to influence him into any particular product or action.

Finally, policyholders have experienced no significant issues with claims; complaints were few and far between. With a stable outlook, tax-deferred growth options, penalty-free withdrawals, and reliable insurance policies - customers can trust that their hard earned money is being handled properly at American Hartford Gold.


American Hartford Gold is a trusted brokerage for those looking to invest in gold and silver coins. It offers competitive rates, an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and convenient enrollment options. The company takes pride in its customer service and provides helpful resources such as email support, online chat, or telephone assistance during business hours.

These features make American Hartford Gold suitable for investors of any level:

  • Beginners are supported with easy setup options

  • Experienced buyers can take advantage of quick shipping times on popular coins

  • Long-term savers have access to IRA accounts with low fees and no hidden costs

From top-notch customer service to competitive prices and reliable products, American Hartford Gold has everything you need for your precious metal investments.


In conclusion, I believe that American Hartford Gold is a great option for investing in gold. They offer high quality products, and their customer service team is knowledgeable and willing to help with any questions you may have.

Plus, they provide real customer reviews so you can get an honest look into how other customers feel about the company. All these factors make me confident that American Hartford Gold is not a scam, but rather an excellent way to invest in gold safely and securely.

I definitely recommend checking them out!

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