Gold Panning & Prospecting are great recreational activities that people all around the world engage in. Crow Creek Mine allow guests a rare opportunity to gain access to our productive and highly reputable Gold Rich property. During your visit you will most likely come across some of our more serious & experienced Gold Miners. They are using many different types of equipment and techniques throughout the day and it is always worth while to take a moment to watch them work. No matter your experience level, finding gold isn't really that easy, that is why our friendly staff is here to demonstrate and offer some tips along the way! If you are looking for a more informative experience or are hoping to find as much gold as possible during your stay, then you will want to ask us about our "Privately Guided Mining Excursions".

All Gold Panners will receive Gold Pans, Shovels, Buckets, Panning Demonstration, Glass Vial, and a Pay dirt Packet. The Pay dirt Packet is for practicing with and all packets contain a few pieces of gold to ensure you have the technique down before you head out to the creek and try it for real! We also rent out Sluice Boxes for those wanting to work a little harder on the day. 

This year we will be introducing a new station at the creek, where you can receive instructions on how to pan.   


12 & Under                   $15

Senior (64+)                  $20

Military                         $20

GPAA                             $20

Alaska Resident          $20

13 - 63                           $24


3 & Under                Free

4 - 12                         $5

13 & up                     $12

Sluice Box Rental

per day  -  $25

Metal Detecting - bring your own 

per day  -  $25

Suction Dredging - bring your own

per day  - $25 per inch on intake

“I’ve been coming to Crow Creek Mine every year since 1974, and I’ve enjoyed every experience out there. I recommend to everyone going and checking out the Mine, because you can consistently find some good color in your pan, and beautiful views!”
— Bill Dunleavy (GPAA President of Anchorage Chapter)
“Take a chance at panning for gold! They’ve restored many of the original buildings that house artifacts from the miners and region. You can walk around the area and get a sense for what these men did for a living. You get an introduction with a few flakes of gold to practice with and then hike to a river not far off to pick your own spot and test your luck. Or, purchase the gold from the unique gift shop when you return your supplies, which was less fun, but much easier. The staff is very knowledgable and friendly. The gorgeous setting would certainly be ideal for special occasions.”
— Stephanie M. (Trip Advisor)